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Gaar Collection Lounge Chair
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Godo explores the bold and contemporary side of fashion and accessory design.


Finding inspiration in the accessory archetypes and their purposes, Godo aims to inject a fresh and purposefully exaggerated feel in today's dynamic design industry.


The essence of the brand comes from a personal obsession in leather artisanship. Choosing to respect the craft and the material together, Godo's pieces prioritize slow and quality processes and methods in assembly. 

Focusing primarily on left-over leather scraps scattered in leather ateliers in Lebanon, the collections adapt according to the availability of the material. 

All products are made by hand with the finest of genuine leather cuts.

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Baal Home Logo black-12.png

Baal Home is a sub-brand created from the brand identity, qualities and ethics of Baal Artisans, a leading hospitality design agency located in Lebanon. 


For more than 2 decades now, Baal Artisans has furnished luxury hotels and outlets across the globe, using nothing but its mastery in leather artisanship, and never losing touch of its unique design identity.

Baal Home is the next step for the founders, by using the mastery in leather craftsmanship and applying it within luxury residential destinations. Baal Home uses the same level of attentiveness to details and designs in  designs for bold and unique homes today. 

Gaar Collection Large Chair
Gaar Logo-20.png

A handmade and completed furniture collection, realized as part of the final project for the MA-Design in Furniture program at Central Saint Martins, London.

The collection explores the intricacy and beauty in the minute details of leather craftsmanship. Gaar questions the traditional functional attributes of luxury furniture, and tries to revisit these functionalities while focusing on the undervalued visuals and attributes of the craft, found especially in the details. 

The collection comprises of a lounge chair, a larger collectible chair, and a side table. The pieces vary in proportion but share the homogenous design identity of exaggerated hand stitches.

Meaning "stitches" in Armenian, Gaar is a furniture collection highlighting bold and contemporary Armenian craftsmanship.


The collection was completed with the help of talented artisans in the Armenian diaspora community of Beirut, Lebanon.


Certain processes required expertise of shoe and leather bag makers, thus merging traiuditon and modern production methods into

the structural and conceptual integrity of the collection.

Photo taken by: Lara Zankoul. 


Along with several eco-friendly measures taken in its production, one fun incident is the top solid wood surface of the stool.

Stained with coffee, the surface is made of solid wood pieces, sanded and glued together in order to create a solid block

Photo taken by: Lara Zankoul. 

Gaar Photo_edited.jpg

Gaar has a very complex structural formation, making it sturdy, light, and hollow.  

the process is similar to the process of leather accessory assembly, that focuses primarily on flat surfaces constructed to form objects.

Photo taken by: Lara Zankoul. 

CSM instagram logo-03.png

During the entirety of the academic years at Central Saint Martins, London, I put my graphic design skills in test by working on creating the first visual identity for the course to be implemented throughout its social media platforms and printed communication tools.

Getting inspiration from the 3 different pathways making up the course, Ceramics, Jewellery, and Furniture, the logos were generated based on the simplified structural attributes found in each pathway, along with the first letters C,F and J.

3 Solid colors were chosen for the pathways, allowing for different arrangements to occur, thus expanding the visual identity and create fun and expressive visual posts.

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