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The word Godo comes of an Armenian slang term used to refer to anything playfully unusual. Extracted from "godosh", which literally translates to "horns" in Armenian, the brand carries an unapologetic and striking attitude across its collections.


Its origins began as a playground for personal explorations of leather and accessory design, using leftover leather scraps and other materials found scattered around our family atelier in Lebanon. The brand includes leather accessories of different personalities and functions, ranging from unique wearable leather jewelry, to a three deck festival bag.

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Following a transparent and iterative process, Godo's designs are influenced by the the world of functional and decorative accessory designs. Through extraction, sketches, samples, trials and errors, ideas become realities.


Anything can spark a Godo


Godo operates in a proactive manner when it comes to production. By focusing mainly on left-over raw materials scattered in ateliers, the brand explores a humble sustainable agenda in the traditional leather craft industry.


All made by hand, the pieces are made with great care and attention to detail. The brand's tendency is directed towards creating unique accessories, while maintaining a high quality of design and craftsmanship along its collections.  

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