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Co-Creator / Graphic and Visual Identity

A design initiative that spurred during Pandemic years, JAM is a collaboration platform for designers  across the globe. The purpose of JAM was to create a sense of free flow collaboration on social media platforms (mainly Instagram). JAM is itself a collaboration with the talented Mayssa Kanaan from the Royal College of Arts, London.

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Creative Director / Design Development

A leading brand in the luxury hospitality sector, for More than two decades, Baal has created an incomparable reputation in design for hospitality. 

The brand is responsible for the lavish custom furniture pieces in many of the world's most luxurious hotels. 


Keeping production close and in-house, the quality of Baal items is preserved by the perseverance and talents of its artisans and founders 

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Here To There
A Wayfinding System for the Buses of Lebanon


Here to There is a way finding design project that explores the complexities of the public transport sector in Beirut, Lebanon, particularly the buses.

Unmaintained and in a deteriorating status, the complex system still acts as the primary means of transportation for many working class users.

The project respects the intricate local system, and through design and public space interventions chooses to assist and enhance the experience.

Moving away from gentrification, Here to There embraces the local lexicon, and aims at preserving it while making trips more enjoyable and easier for the users.

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Visual Identity Design / Social Media Campaign

During the entirety of the academic years at Central Saint Martins, London, I put my graphic design skills in test by working on creating the first visual identity for the course to be implemented throughout its social media platforms and printed communication tools.

Getting inspiration from the 3 different pathways making up the course, Ceramics, Jewellery, and Furniture, the logos were generated based on the simplified structural attributes found in each pathway, along with the first letters C,F and J.

3 Solid colors were chosen for the pathways, allowing for different arrangements to occur, thus expanding the visual identity and create fun and expressive visual posts.

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Poster Design

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